Watch this short demo to see how easy it is to get the best zombie teeth effects using Scarecrow's Zombie Teeth Paint & Blood Kit. Scarecrow's all in one kit is an affordable alternative to buying multiple bottles of teeth enamel and mouth blood that you may not use.

Innocent little girl finds her mother dead...Starring Melody Goldiner (little girl), Saundra (dead woman) & Linda of Scarecrow Vampire Fangs! (written by Linda Camplese, produced by Picture Stable).

What more do zombies need to do once they've taken over the world? Enjoy themselves of course!


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Behind the scenes look at collaboration between Scarecrow Vampire Fangs and Zen Arts! Photo shoot at Scarecrow's studio in California! on Facebook: Scarecrow Vampire Fangs

CSI Las Vegas Blood Moon cast uses Scarecrow Vampire Fangs 2010 episode. Scarecrow, the World's #1 theatrical, costume, Halloween Fangs...get yours!

antm Cycle 14 ep 4 ANTM C. 14 Episode 4 America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 4: America's Next Top Vampire Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2010 The models pose as vampires in a bloody bathtub at the photo shoot. Back at the loft, two girls get into a screaming match.

Everyone's going to wear fangs after Maria Menounous and Derek Hough's paso doble on Classical Night. First perfect score of Season 14. Dancing with the Stars, Season 14, Week 7.

Dear Diary....TV's hottest series is taking a bite out of The Hillywood Show®! Time to up the stakes! There will be blood! Katherine's thirsty for revenge which spells trouble for the boys......HILLYWOOD® style! Time to see who's neck is on the line. Here's a vamp-tastic parody you will love at first bite!

A commercial for Diesel Jeans! Starring the sexy vampire Mishel Prada and the vampire hunter Michael Dolen. Directed by Lior Chefetz

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