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This product uses a different customizing process than our fangs, so be sure to read all instructions carefully!

1. MIX: Twist TWO capsules of powder apart. Tap, pinch & twist the ends of each side of the capsule into the corner of the large compartment of the plastic blister from the packaging. Tilt the plastic blister so that all the powder collects in the one corner. Snap off bottle tip & squeeze 10 drops of fluid onto the powder. Stir with toothpick or knife tip for 1 minute until the mixture is uniform. Wait an additional 1 minute until the mixture turns pasty & somewhat thick. (Enough material is provided for 2 tries)

2. FIT: Scoop material into Bucky Cap and gently push the cap up onto your front teeth attempting to locate the desired position in one motion. Do not wiggle, adjust or reposition it once it is up on your teeth. Hold there for approximately 3 minutes, then you can let go. Leave on teeth an additional 10 minutes.

Scarecrow_SCB108_Bucky_Model1 (1).png

3. REMOVE: Because the material continues to harden for up to 24 hours, remove the cap briefly after 10 minutes, don’t just leave it on for the night, then you can put it right back on. To remove, gently push your lower teeth forward against the backside of the Bucky Cap until you feel the seal break. Gently slip your fingernail under the gum line of the mold where it meets the top of your teeth and grab the mold liner and tooth cap together so you don’t pull the cap off the mold. Gently wiggle back and forth while pulling down. You can now put the Bucky Cap back in. 

TIP: If the liner pulls out of cap when removing, mix 1 capsule of powder with 5 drops of fluid and immediately spread 1/2 of the mixture into the empty cap. Reinsert liner into cap, on top of wet mixture, and use clean end of mixing utensil to gently push liner completely down into cap. Set aside for 15 minutes before using.

4. TRIM: Trim excess material off the edges with scissors or nail clipper. Residue on the front of the tooth cap will scrape off easily.

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