just about Halloween 


Anyone can be a Vampire

SVF debuted in the Costume & Halloween Industry in the early ’90s. We understand it is an industry that has not fully addressed a problematic history of stereotyping. With this in mind, SVF is dedicated to championing messages of inclusion by creating consumer accessories, primarily for vampires, that are used as tools for self-expression in social media, theatre, film, television, cirque, drag performance, personal body adornment, photography, makeup artistry, cosplay and other realms where gender and heritage expression has few boundaries. We thank our online community for being a source of education, enlightenment, and inspiration as we make design decisions for our brand.




We understand we have a responsibility to consider the impact of our products and packaging materials as they are primarily made of various plastics. To this end, SVF is committed to evaluating new and more environmentally sound materials, supplies, and practices in close collaboration with our vendors and within

our California-based facility. Although our products are made of plastic, only a fraction of our packaging is disposable. The longevity of SVF Vampire Fangs is one of our greatest 

achievements: when used and stored properly, they, and the beautifully sculpted package, are meant to last a lifetime!

How We Give Back




Blood, platelet, and plasma donation are needed now more than

ever and have come to be considered an essential activity during the

Corona Virus pandemic. Scarecrow Vampire Fangs are proud to partner

annually with Vitalant Blood Services in San Luis Obispo, California.

Every October, each San Luis Obispo donor receives free fangs to celebrate the Halloween Season. Check out the recap video of the SVF & Vitalant Blood Services partnership during the 2020 Halloween Season! We love San Luis Obispo County and are proud to be a part of the vibrant business community of Grover Beach!