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Since 1990, Scarecrow's owner/fang designer/inventors Linda &  Arthur have successfully outfitted MILLIONS of vampires for Halloween, video,  film & theater.

The instructions included in each package of fangs are quite comprehensive.  The following FAQ's supplement the packaged instructions, we hope you find this helpful.


How do Scarecrow Vampire Fangs work?

Scarecrow Dental Fit Fangs are the Original Custom Fangs, the first high-end,  user-friendly fangs from the Halloween industry...beautiful, shiny, natural colored fang caps that fit over a single tooth which keeps the customizing material inside the fang cap. There is no complicated partial plate to construct, no boiling water and no additional utensils needed. The kit is all-inclusive, you can fit your fangs on-the-spot wherever you have a mirror. Just mix the liquid & powder customizing material together, put it inside the fang cap, push it up over your own tooth & hold for 5 minutes. The material then forms a permanent, rigid, snap-fitting mold of your tooth inside the fang for a tight, "clip-on fit". This one-time fitting process means the fangs can be taken off and put back on for years of use. All "deluxe" fangs work the same way. Please watch the quick and easy-to-follow tutorial here on our instructions page.

Are there any precautions or other information I should know before using my fangs?

• Reusable novelty fangs for temporary use only
• For adult entertainment & costume, intended for Ages 14 & up
• Do not use over braces, wires, plates, crowns, bonding, veneers, dentures or any other dental work nor if you have irritated or sensitive gums nor right after a dental cleaning until your gums heal
• Non-toxic & safe on teeth
• Fangs are not a toy, keep out of children's reach
• Unhardened liquid is flammable. Do not smoke while customizing fangs nor customize near open flame
• Once purchased, fangs are not returnable for any reason, even if unopened
• To prevent swallowing, do not eat, drink or sleep with your fangs on.
• Never bite anyone with your fangs.
• Store unused kit out of direct sunlight.
• Kit works best when used at room temperature.
• Some fake blood, foods or drinks may stain your fangs.
• Blood-tips & metallic color finishes may wear or chip with use, handle gently.

Why are Scarecrow Vampire Fangs so much better than fangs on the market that are sold with "thermoplastic/friendly-plastic"as a fitting method?

For several good reasons: a better fang cap, an easier fitting process & a much better look.
First: Scarecrow Custom Deluxe Fangs are the only patented true fang cap on the market. It covers and surrounds the entire tooth resulting in a very snug fit and the most realistic appearance. Other brands are not a "cap", and all require the user to build a partial plate of meltable craft plastic over and behind adjacent teeth to hold their "fang-cover" in front of the selected tooth.

Second: Scarecrow Fangs come with an all-inclusive kit so you can fit your fangs on-the-spot wherever you have a mirror: the store you bought them, a gas-station bathroom, even in your car! Other brands of fangs require a coffee mug, boiling water, a plastic spoon, vegetable oil and other utensils to fit them, the instructions are about a mile long, and the process of fitting is much more complicated. That's why the Pro's choose Scarecrow: they can fit a hundred vampires in less than 2 minutes each!

Third: Ultimately, two people at a party will compare their fangs and the wearer of"thermoplastic" fangs will see that they paid the same price (or more!) for an inferior product that clearly looks fake when they bare their fangs and see thermoplastic tucked along and behind the other teeth. Do you want that to be you? No! Don't take our word for it: go compare the instructions and tutorial videos of several competing brands, you'll see how superior Scarecrow Vampire Fangs really are in design, use and style.

Why can't I buy SC Fangs from this website?

Our job at Scarecrow is to design & manufacture the best products we can for you. And we certainly know how to do that. We leave sales up to our excellent team of retailers, and we do not compete with them by selling directly to consumers. We also let someone else make the pizza.

How do I locate a retailer to purchase my own fangs?

Scarecrow Vampire Fangs are sold in Halloween, costume, theatrical supply stores & boutiques in every US State and 30 countries worldwide. They are also widely available online.

Are Scarecrow Fangs reusable?

Yes, completely. You only have to customize them once , then, they are easy to snap on and off for years. There is enough customizing material inside each kit for several applications in the event you want to fit one or both fangs better when you are first customizing them, but, once you're done, they are completely reusable without any additional adhesives.

Can I get more molding material if I want it?

You only need to customize the fangs once for years of use (see previous question). But, if for any reason, you want to redo the mold, you can purchase a refill kit from your local retailer or online store (Item No. RK2000).

Can I eat and drink with my fangs in?

We do not suggest that you do because we do not want you to swallow your fangs. Most foods and drinks won't harm the fangs, although some fake blood and red wine could discolor them.

Can I bite someone with my fangs?

NO!!! No. Absolutely not. Bad idea. Biting someone is illegal and it's also mean and gross. SC Fangs are for "theatrical" use only which means: pretend.

The color of the mold inside the fangs yellowed over time, is that a problem?

No. Depending on the acidity level of your saliva, the mold may change color over time. If it is the mold in the back part and doesn't show, that should not be a problem, and should not require re-customizing since the color of the molding material doesn't change its strength or tenacity. If it is molding that shows around the front of the fang, go ahead and look at the tutorial video on our YouTube Channel (Custom Scarecrow Fangs) and notice when Dave in the video fits his fangs, he tucks the material down and behind while it's still soft, as it's setting up.  You may want to try that approach as you customize to prevent/minimize any material on the front, then, if it yellows, it won't show any way. The mold should still work fine and be strong regardless of the color.

I kept my fangs on all night after customizing them, even though the instructions clearly say I shouldn't. Now, they feel really tight, and I want to take them off. What should I do?

In over 23 years of making fangs, not a single person that we know of has ever not been able to get the fangs off, even when they have been left on immediately after customizing for over 24 hours - but we don't suggest you do that. Although the fang caps and molding material are not harmed by hot (or cold) liquids, a hot liquid held in the mouth for a period of time can soften the mold very slightly,  temporarily. We suggest that you make a cup of hot tea (as hot as you can stand it without burning your tongue) and swish it around inside your mouth over the fangs for 5-10 minutes while simultaneously wiggling the fang caps to get them loose. That will usually do the trick.

You make so many different fangs, which is best for me?

"Classic Deluxe" Fangs (SK100) are designed for people with average to larger teeth.

"Small Deluxe" Fangs (SSK200) are designed for people with smaller teeth, or those looking for a subtler look.

"Love Bites" Fangs (LBF100) are the same fangs & kit as Small Deluxe, just a different package. Love Bites do not include the mixing case or stir stick, though.

"Love Bites Couples" Fangs (LBC200) contains both Classic and Small size - one for each person in the relationship. Love Bites do not include the mixing case or stir stick.

"Shredders" Double Fangs (SH222) are a single cap that fits over 2 teeth

"Sabers" Extra Long Fangs (SF150) are an extra-long style that look fantastic,  but, are also definitely a mouthful to wear

"Werewolf" Fangs (WF107) contains both Classic and Small size to wear on upper and lower teeth at the same time.

"Spiral" Fangs (SP300) are new for 2011 and have an organic shell or bone texture and more curvature than the others.

"Viper Split" Fangs (VF600) are new for 2014 and are split down the tip of the fang creating two inward curving barbs.

"Glow in the Dark" Fangs (GL101 & GLSSK) come in 2 sizes (Classic & Small)
They phosphoresce in the dark when activated by light. They also look killer in black light!

"Blood Tip" Fangs (BTSK100 & BTSSK) come in 2 sizes (Classic & Small) and have an artistic flourish of dripping blood on the tips. The blood finish can wear or chip with use, so, handle gently.

"Glam" Fangs (GLM) come in 2 sizes (Classic & Small) and 9 gorgeous, metallic colors. The metallic finish can wear or chip with use, so, handle gently.

"Sterling Silver" & "14K Gold" Fangs are high-end jewelry for the mouth! Come in 2 sizes (Classic & Small) and even graced with real diamond studs (ICE)!

Also available: Solid Sterling Pendant Necklace and matching Earrings


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