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I'm having trouble customizing my Retractable Fangs, can you help me out?

Certainly, start with watching the appropriate demo video for your style of Retractable Fangs:

Default Up

Default Down

My Retractable Fangs are customized correctly,

but they don’t move at all. What do I do?

Likely some fitting material has overflowed into a space it shouldn’t be in. 

If plastic is obstructing the rectangular hole on the top of the mechanism, or the fang band as it exits the mechanism, it won’t work correctly.  Fix this by heating a kitchen knife in very hot water for 30 seconds. Press edge of hot knife along the inside edge of the case, or along the top edge, making a softened line of thermoplastic. Now, pry away the misplaced material and remove by tearing away or trimming with nail clippers or small scissors. 

My Retractable Fangs are customized correctly,

but they don’t move well. What’s up with that?

Fang movement relies on lubrication. If you’ve installed the mechanism properly, but fangs don’t seem to move well, use your tongue to push saliva into the space where fangs operate.

If you’ve installed the Default Up Fangs, and lubricated properly but they don’t move, it’s likely they were installed without enough clearance from your teeth. Watch the demo and reinstall.

Why does the activation bite bar rotate?

The activation bite bar has two positions.  Keep it folded under your molars for quick activation.  Use tongue to unfold it and push into cheek area when you intend to not activate the mechanism for some period of idle time.

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